Dental Services

It gives me great pleasure to bring with me several techniques and services that allow our office to provide the most up-to-date dental care to our patients in Central Montana. These include:

Cerec Unit


I have in the office a Cerec unit, used for digital fabrication of porcelain restorations. Generally, this relates to teeth that would be crowned, but now we can choose a more conservative type of restoration. In these cases I can complete the restoration on the tooth in a single visit, avoiding the second visit usually necessary for standard crowns. There are also many times that I can use this technique for porcelain fillings. If the patient desires a more aesthetic result then standard silver fillings, this is usually achieved by using an acrylic resin type filling material. The Cerec type porcelain fillings are much more durable and more aesthetic. Learn more about the benefits of Cerec Dental Restoration by visiting our Forms/Links page.

Digital Dental X-Ray

Immediate viewing of the radiograph on the computer helps me, as the dentist, provide better care, and also allows the patient to view the radiograph in a way that is easy to understand. This technique also uses 1/4 the radiation of a standard radiograph.

In-House Dental Lab

Most of the dental lab work in our office is done in-house. This allows for a one week turn-around for crowns and bridges.  It provides a higher level of control on the the quality of the finished product, as well as the ability to custom shade porcelain work in the office to achieve optimum aesthetic result.

Denture Reline

My in-house dental lab is a particular advantage to patients who need a denture reline.  Generally, the patient is without the denture for several days, as the case needs to be sent out to a lab for the work to be done. I do this work myself, and thus if I can get the denture in the morning, I can have it back to the patient just after lunch, the same day.


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